Breakouts: 17 August 2023

Some breakouts...

Breakouts: 17 August 2023

JSE:SUR (Spur)

Positive break. Meets target from breakouts 8 august 2023. Ascending triangle looking good.

JSE:AGL (Anglo American)

Negative break. Head and shoulders pattern. Opening up target of 44550.

JSE:SNV (Santova)

Negative break below 920. Perhaps heading back to the trendline.

JSE:STXRES (Satrix Resi)

Negative break. Huge head and shoulders pattern. Death cross.

JSE:STXDIV (Satrix Divi ETF)

Negative break. Well into a down trend now.

JSE:CGR (Calgro)

Positive break. Target 420.

US:SNAP (Snap)

Negative break. Heading to $8. Back in the channel from $8 to $12.

US:AOK (iShares Core Conservative ETF)

Negative break. Lower lows.

US:SE (Sea Limited)

Negative break. Hits the target of $41 mentioned in Breakouts 31 May 2023.


Positive break. Upward channel.