An introduction to all the content creators on stockpicks - along with their traits and preferences

Trader Dan


Technical Chart Analysis. Trader of forex, futures and stocks.

AcolyteTrader Regan


A student of the markets, looking to share knowledge about being consistently profitable.



I'm an avid market watcher & trading enthusiast who uses mainly stage analysis, focusing on JSE shares. Weinstein fan.

My charts/tweets are opinions only, never advice.

  • Stage Analysis posts weekly looking at the longer term stage analysis of JSE stocks, commodities and forex



The trader and owner of the trading charts and tools website

A technical analyst preferring longer term trend following - perfect for people that have a separate profession and want to keep on top of their mid and longer term trades and investment.

  • Breakouts segment once every few days - looking at JSE, US, AU, Commodities, Forex and Bitcoin (A mix of free, for members and for paid members)
  • Taking Stock and The Big Picture posts are less frequent and for members and paid members only
  • Special posts

Prior Contributors

Trader Nick


I am no expert, I am constantly learning about finance and the markets.

I enjoy the markets.

Most of my ideas will flow from a technical view on the charts, although at times I may overlay a macro view on the technical idea.

  • Trader Nicks Trading Technique series giving my insight, technique and sharing what I have learnt trading the markets



Equities trend trader, Chartist and Blogger.

A trend follower focusing more on JSE listed stocks.

  • Breakouts



Trader with over 10 years of experience.

Trader_VN has been in the game for more than 10 years and is a top rank trader/technical analyst.

Trader_VN has decided to let the ideas do the talking and remain anonymous.

  • Offshore-ideas

Vector Equilibrium

The market exists to serve you, not to guide you.

Statistical Arbitrage Trader.