Trader Nick


I am no expert, I am constantly learning about finance and the markets.

I enjoy the markets.

Most of my ideas will flow from a technical view on the charts, although at times I may overlay a macro view on the technical idea.

  • Trader Nicks Trading Technique series giving my insight, technique and sharing what I have learnt trading the markets



I'm an avid market watcher & trading enthusiast who uses mainly stage analysis, focusing on JSE shares. Weinstein fan.

My charts/tweets are opinions only, never advice.

  • Stage Analysis posts weekly looking at the longer term stage analysis of JSE stocks, commodities and forex

Vector Equilibrium

The market exists to serve you, not to guide you.

Statistical Arbitrage Trader.



The trader and owner of the trading charts and tools website

A technical analyst preferring longer term trend following - perfect for people that have a separate profession and want to keep on top of their mid and longer term trades and investment.

  • Breakouts segment once every few days - looking at JSE, US, AU, Commodities and Crypto (A mix of free, for members and for paid members)
  • Taking Stock and The Big Picture posts are less frequent and for members and paid members only
  • Special posts