Breakouts: 14 October 2020

I take a look at Omnia again, Old mutual, Prosus and the US stock Vmware. I then show an example of using to manage the VMware trade.

Breakouts: 14 October 2020

OMN (Omnia)

Smashed through our target of 3623 set on the 9th of October edition of Breakouts. Both moving are now pointing up - very good news.

I would want to stay long and set a longer term target at 4500.

OMU (Old Mutual)

Trending down in a big way. Lower than the Covid lows and now the inverse cup and handle and strong Moving averages point to move downward movement.

PRX (Prosus N.V.)

A break about an interesting area that was a support, then turned into a resitance but is now a support again.

The sideways movement is in full affect, even being in a longer term up trend.

I will be implementing a wait and see approach.


Breakouts out of the sideways channel forming a massive cup and handle. Moving averages are now both pointing up after a golden cross a few months ago.

I'm going to buy at these levels for an intial target of $172, then moving to $191.

My planned stop is at $132.5. Trading Journal

I use to plan and manage my trades. For the above trade I have already entered all the particulars of my portfolio size and planned trade details so I can practice proper risk management.

The system calculated that I should purchase 4.44 Vmware shares based on my risk settings. When I enter the trade I will Enter Trade and enter the particulars. I can then view the current profit or loss and whether to trail my stop from the Entered Trades Page.

See the screenshot below: advises amount to buy on vmware trade advises to buy 4.44 shares for the VMware trade

I created trademate, so go ahead and try it out. Enjoy the 30 day trial and let me know your thoughts and feedback.