Taking Stock: Late February 2021

Equities showing some weakness. Gold looking bad. Silver looking good. Bitcoin looking OK. Crude oil looking good.

Taking Stock: Late February 2021

CC:BTC-USD (Bitcoin)

Chart is starting to look normal now. Support is sitting at 40727.


Everyone seems to thinking handing money out is bad - debasement on the currency. However the currency hasn't been rational since WWI. Time to buy dollars again.


Hmmm, ya something might be happening here. That rand reality kicking in...

COMM:GC (Gold)

Death cross. Let's see where support holds - or it holds.

COMM:PL (Platinum)

Getting a haircut, a nice chance to jump in.

COMM:CL (Crude Oil)

Still booming.


Asceding triangle. Ya, maybe time to get in.


Squeezing out the top now. When the levy breaks...


Still looking good.

INDX:NDX (Nasdaq 100)

Breaks the trendline support for a lower low. Got goosebumps...is this a bad sign?

US:AMZN (Amazon)

Lower low. Sideways action. Weird.

US:GOOG (Google)


COMM:SO (Soy Bean)

Everything for a reason - farmers getting into the soy bean market.