Member Breakouts: 17 August 2021

A completely positive breakouts day...6 JSE stocks and 1 US

Member Breakouts: 17 August 2021


Positive break. Lamp poll formation. Identified in Breakouts 11 Feb 2021, 12 March 2021 and more recently by Village Trader's MTN Breakout

JSE:VOD (Vodacom Group)

Positive break. Break of a 3 year resistance level and steadily trending up.

JSE:AVV (Alviva)

Positive break, next stop 1645 ZAC. Identified by Graeme in Alviva, myself in Breakouts 28 June and Breakouts: 21 January 2021.

JSE:MRP (Mr. Price)

Positive break. Took a huge dip recently but has now recovered. Price has continued with the trend and a higher high is printed.

JSE:SYGP (Sygnia Global Property ETF)

Positive break. higher high and continuing with the trend.

JSE:MRF (Merafe)

Positive break through the 100 ZAC level. Target for me is 130 ZAC.

US:SCHD (Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF)

Positive break, new high for this consistent performer.