Breakouts (Iced Edition): 05 March 2021

My breakouts list (from show only negative breaks from the US market. The 2 positive breaks were JSE:FSR and USDZAR.

Breakouts (Iced Edition): 05 March 2021

JSE:FSR (First Rand)

Break above the cup and handle pattern.


Break above the area of interest

US:ICLN (iShares Global Clean Energy ETF)

Levels on the way down.

US:NVDA (nVidia)

Break below horizontal support. Heading for 467.

US:SHOP (Shopify)

Looks like a good chance to buy the dip at lower risk id you are wrong.

US:PYPL (Paypal)

Still heading up (long term based on the trend).

US:NIO (Nio)

Very topish - forming a head and shoulders.

US:SPWR (SunPower)

Sitting on the support trendline. Risk levels high - but so is reward.