Breakouts: 7 July 2023

Some recent breakouts

Breakouts: 7 July 2023

JSE:FBR (Famous Brands)

Negative break. Head and shoulders break targeting 5176. Below trendline.

JSE:ARI (African Rainbow Minerals)

Negative break. Triple top. Moving averages pointing down now. Price sitting on prior support - will it hold?

JSE:AMS (Anglo American Platinum)

Negative break. Strong trend down.

JSE:ANG (Anglogold)

Negative move. Sitting on the upward trendline. Overall trend is up but recent move is very negative momentum. Could take it down to 30700.

JSE:MRF (Merafe)

Positive break in the context of a descending triangle. Heading to the trendline resistance. Trend is down.

US:PEGA (Pegasystems)

Positive break. Inverse cup and handle. Golden cross. Classic base formed and now moving into an ascent. Stage 1 moving into stage 2.