Breakouts: 30 September 2021

A look at JSe stocks: KAP, Old Mutual, Brait, Spur, Exarro, Sasol as well as some US stocks

Breakouts: 30 September 2021

JSE:EXX (Exxaro)

Negative break. It did go ex-dividend. Keep an eye on the 15000 level, below that is very bad. Trend is strongly up and buying here would not be a bad move in my opinion.

JSE:BAT (Brait)

Positive break. Above 401 and targeting 425. After that there is not many historical levels on the way up to go on. Golden cross at the beginning of September.

JSE:SUR (Spur)

Positive break. Above 2000. Needs to break above 2178 for a move above the cup and handle technical pattern. A recent death cross warns that it is not all plain sailing.

JSE:KAP (Kap Industrials)

Positive break above the ascending triangle. Trending up.

JSE:OMU (Old Mutual)

Positive break. Well almost, it closed on the break line. Big cup and handle pattern. Trending up.

JSE:SOL (Sasol)

Positive break. Cup and handle targeting 32000.


Positive break. A higher high and higher low. I am going to wait for more evidence on the upside. I want the 50MA pointing up.

JSE:GLN (Glencore)

Positive break. Trending up.

JSE:MPT (Mpact)

Positive break. Trending up.

JSE:SSW (Sibanye)

Negative break. Series of lower lows and lower highs. Trending down shown by both the 50MA and 200MA pointing down. A move above 5000 is needed to get interested on the long side again.

Be careful following what people say about this company, a lot of people hold it and will wax lyrical about how good it is. The truth is the share price and that is all you need to watch.

US:GOOG (Google)

Negative break. Lower high and lower low printed. The first warning.

US:AOK (Conservative Allocation ETF)

Negative break. Lower high and lower low. First warning.

US:PYPL (Paypal)

Negative break. Inverse cup and handle break targeting $240.

US:NKE (Nike)

Negative break. Chart looks battered. Long term uptrend still intact - but will it last?

US:WMT (Walmart)

Negative break. 200MA now pointing down. We will have to see if $135 can hold.

US:FUBO (Fubo)

Negative break. Break of the descending triangle. Looking to move lower.

US:ADBE (Adobe)

Negative break. Still trending up. Maybe a chance to buy the dip.

US:GSG (Commodity Index ETF)

Positive break, trending up.

US:MDLZ (Mondelez)

Negative break. Not looking good.

US:MANU (Man United)

Positive break but then a quick reverse. The sustainability of the move is questionable.