Breakouts: 29 July 2022

Breakouts: A look at shoprite, santova and some US stocks

Breakouts: 29 July 2022

JSE:SHP (Shoprite)

Higher high. Restarting the up trend.

JSE:SNV (Santova)

Positive break. Strong and healthy uptrend.

The trend is your friend

US:MSFT (Microsoft)

Positive break. Targeting $294.

US:AMAT (Applied Materials)

Positive break. Downward trendline broken. Good signs. Beware it does not go back below $99

US:FSLR (First Solar)

Positive break.

US:TWTR (Twitter)

Positive break. Overall trend still down and chart does not look great. That being said a double bottom maybe be forming here and there are a few positive signs now.