Breakouts: 28 September 2022

How-to-trade looks at a number of stocks and indices for the people - featuring Tiger Brands

Breakouts: 28 September 2022


Negative break. Descending triangle break. Trending down.

JSE:AVL (Advanced Health)

Inverse cup and handle break.


Negative break. Big head and shoulders pattern. A higher high is needed to stop this down trend.

JSE:FSR (First Rand)

Negative break. Descending triangle.

JSE:CCO (Capital and Counties)

Negative break. Lower low. Trending down.

JSE:TBS (Tiger Brands)

Inverse cup and handle. Positive break. Golden cross. Looking good. First stop 18500.

JSE:CSB (Cashbuild)

Lower low. Desceding triangle. Set to continue down.

JSE:QLT (Quilter)

Lower low. Anotehr step down.

JSE:JBL (Jubilee)

Lower low. Descending triangle.


Positive break. Blows through 17.70 and is above the 18 level now. Are we going to 19.11? All time high to the dollar.


Negative break. Inverse cup and handle. Not looking good.

INDX:DJT (Dow Jones Transportation Index)

Negative break. Trending down.

US:QCOM (Qualcomm)

Negative break from a big head and shoulders pattern. Opening up $110 as the first target.

US:VDC (Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF)

Negative break. Lower high and lower low.

US:MDLZ (Mondelez)

Topping pattern. Negative break heading to $53.