Breakouts: 26 November 2020

A look at Nampak, Redefine, PPC, the DXY and some US stocks

Breakouts: 26 November 2020

NPK (Nampak)

Breakout of a cup and handle pattern and from the rounded bottom.

50MA has now turned up.

PPC (Pretoria Port Cement)

Another nice move from what looks to be a bottoming pattern. A higher high, but no lower low yet.

INDEX:DXY (Dollar Index)

Cracked below 92.

RDF (Redefine)

A break above the snall channel. Not enough evidence of a clear uptrend yet, for me.

US:PYPL (Paypal)

A bit of a wobble recently but now a new high has been printed. This could turn into a triple keep an eye out.

US:PLT (Platronics)

Recent price action showing that their might be a trend change happening.

A golden cross and a series of higher high and lows tells us that.