Breakouts: 25 November 2020

A look at local and international mining stocks and a few other companies

Breakouts: 25 November 2020

BHP (BHP Billiton)

Back above an area of interest. Cup and handle pattern, pointing to move towards 38500.

SOL (Sasol)

Big move. Looks like a huge cup and handle if it can go above 15840.

OMN (Omnia)

Now out of the huge rounded bottom. One could even say a huge inverse head and shoulders.

DRD (DRD Gold)

A sobering move back to reality. Long term trend still looking good but in the medium term with the USDZAR and Gold price...this stock has been battered. I expect to see < 1300 soon.

AGL (Anglo American)

Keeps marching on up. I sold in September - the red dot on the chart.

It is well above the psuedo cup and handle.

PAN (Pan-African Gold)

Another gold stock getting hammered. Could even go to 177 if we project the inverse cup and handle / descending triangle. Not good.

However, gold and USDZAR prices start moving in the right direction - we could be in for a big comeback.

US:IAU (iShares Gold ETF)

Following the gold price, the IAU ETF is getting plundered.

TCP (Transaction Capital)

Ascending triangle break. Looking good.

US:KL (Kirkland-Lake Gold)

Next stop 36.5

US:FCX (Freeport-Moran Mining)

Number go up.