Breakouts: 21 August 2023

Some recent breakouts

Breakouts: 21 August 2023

JSE:BWN (Balwin)

Negative break. Ominous pattern. Trend is down.

JSE:SDO (Stadio)

Positive break. Golden cross. Trending up. Very nice. Sold a bit back when it dipped - appears that the trendline can give support and one can widen the stop perhaps.

JSE:MUR (Murray and Roberts)

Negative break. Lower low. Descending trend. Perhaps a nail set to be delivered into the coffin.

JSE:NTC (Netcare)

Negative break. Slow Descending triangle.

JSE:ANG (Anglogold)

Negative break. Trending down. Keep an eye out for gold to pop again.

JSE:GLN (Glencore)

Negative break from small ascending triangle.

US:PYPL (Paypal)

Negative break. Trending down. Descending triangle.

US:NFLX (Netflix)

Negative break. Set to test the trendline. Lower low and a topping pattern. Around $370.

US:ADBE (Adobe)

Negative break. Topping pattern - head and shoulders. Set for a breather perhaps to $480.

US:ITOT (iShares SP Total ETF)

Negative break. Heading to the trendline. Up trend still looking good.

US:ICLN (iShares Clean Energy ETF)

Negative break. Huge descending triangle. Trending down. The clean energy narrative along with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is crumbling.

US:SHOP (Shopify)

Negative break. Below trendline. Lower lows. Perhaps starting a down trend.

CC:BTCUSD (Bitcoin)

Negative break of trendline. Still trending up. Support at $25100.