Breakouts: 20 August 2021

Alot of negative breaks yesterday, but a a few positives - as I look as some JSE stocks, indices and US stocks.

Breakouts: 20 August 2021

JSE:SOL (Sasol)

Negative break. Lower low in a series of lower lows and lower highs making a descending triangle. Perhaps looking to test the trendline (considering recent oil price drop)

JSE:NHM (Northam)

Negative break. Inverse cup and handle  - maybe a death cross soon. The long term trend indicated by the 200MA is still up.


Negative break, targeting 431. Down from the death cross identified in Insider Breakouts 16 July 2021

JSE:IMP (Impala)

Negative break. Break of the trendline. The start of a downtrend for platinum miners maybe - the death cross would give more evidence.

JSE:SSW (Sibanye)

Negative break. Down from the double top earlier in the year - a series of lower lows and lower highs to now show a death cross. There are levels of support - the reality is it is on the way down now and time to exit. I can re-enter when evidence shows it is on the way up.

JSE:STXQUA (Satrix Quality ETF)

Negative break. Inverse cup and handle along with a death cross. Time to exit.

JSE:YRK (York)

Positive break. Higher high and greater than R3.5o.

INDX:JTOPI (SA top 40)

Negative break but still in the sideways channel...

INDX:DXY (Dollar Index)

Positive break. Breaks above from the big double bottom pattern. Heading for strength. The golden cross is more evidence.

US:AMZN (Amazon)

Negative break, down into the sideways channel.

US:EZA (iShares South Africa ETF)

Negative break. Inverse cup and handle.

US:FISV (Fiserv)

Positive, cup and handle break...