Breakouts: 19 May 2023

A look at some recent moves in the markets

Breakouts: 19 May 2023

JSE:BLU (Blue Label Telecoms)

Negative break. Another lower low. Target is 320.

JSE:ITE (Italtile)

Negative break. Trending down.

COMM:GC (Gold)

Negative break. Lower low. Rejected by the prior resistance zone.

COMM:NG (Natural Gas)

Positive break. Higher high and higher low. Bottom seems locked in. Next stop is $3.


Positive break. Higher highs and higher lows. Ascending triangle. Trending up.

US:AAPL (Apple)

Positive break. Trending up. Next stop $182.

US:AVGO (Broadcom)

Positive break. New all time high. Trending up.

US:NFLX (Netflix)

Positive break. Big cup and handle pattern. Projects to $570.