Breakouts: 19 July 2022

A look at the charts of Satrix WDM, Kaap Agri, STX500 and Google in this edition of breakouts.

Breakouts: 19 July 2022

JSE:STXWDM (Satrix World ETF)

Higher high. Small inverse head and shoulders pattern. Remember it is still in a down trend. Projected full target is 6900. First stop is 6470.

JSE:KAL (Kaap Agri)

A bounce off the 3800 level. Either a big head and shoulders is forming or we are moving in an up trend. First target 4650.

JSE:STX500 (Satrix SP500 Feeder)

Positive break. Good signs for momentum to the upside. The next stop is 7000. Staying above 6500 is key.

US:GOOG (Google / Alphabet)

Fundamental action: a 20-for-1 stock split.