Breakouts: 19 May 2021

A look at breakouts in capitec, DRD gold, woolworths, telkom, massmart, tigerbrands, bitcoin, dollar index and 2 US stocks

Breakouts: 19 May 2021

JSE:CPI (Capitec)

Positive break. Upward trajectory, break of 160000 psychological lebel and still a long way to go still...


Positive break, next target 1913 ZAC. 50MA turning up.

JSE:WHL  (Woolworths)

Positive break. Cup and hanlde break (could even say inverse head and shoulders). Looking good.

JSE:MSM (Massmart)

Positive break. Cup and handle (could even say inverse head and shoulders).

JSE:TKG (Telkom)

Positive break. Ascending triangle - cup and handle break. Moving averages going up. Looks good. I entered 12 Feb and not much gains since then but now it is looking a good setup.

JSE:TBS (Tiger Brands)

Positive break above the sideways channel. Moving averages are moving up.

COMM:BTC-USD (Bitcoin)

Negative break. Not looking good. Sub $40k but ~$20k might even happen.

INDX:DXY (US Dollar Index)

Negative break. Lower low and targetting 89.38.

US:SQM (Sociedad Quimica Minera de Chile)

Negative break. Descending triangle. Still upward trend line in tact.

US:COE (China Online Education)

Negative breakout. Break below the sideways channel.