Breakouts: 15 June 2022

A look at some negative breaks: Telkom, Angloplat, Omnia, Sappi, Tharisa, old mutual, afrimat and US:Paypal

Breakouts: 15 June 2022

JSE:TKG (Telkom)

Negative break. A series of lower lows and lower highs. Inverse cup and handle projects to 2400.

JSE:AMS (Anglo Plat)

Negative break and death cross. Next stop 126360.

JSE:OMN (Omnia)

Continues lower to the trendline

JSE:SAP (Sappi)

Negative break. Still in an uptrend but the head and shoulders pattern favours a move to 4300.

JSE:THA (Tharisa)

Negative break. Series of lower highs and lower lows - down from the double top. Incoming death cross.

JSE:OMU (Old Mutual)

Negative break. Head and shoulders pattern - projecting much lower.

JSE:AFT (Afrimat)

Negative break from the inverse cup and handle. Targetting 5000.

US:PYPL (Paypal)

Negative break. Yet another lower low on the down trend.