Breakouts: 14 June 2021

A look at a few recent breakouts

Breakouts: 14 June 2021


Negative break. Lower low - below the 300 ZAC psychological level. Last line of support is 280 ZAC before a big void.

JSE:TFG (The Foshini Group)

Positive break.


Positive break. Cooking with gas again...

JSE:MRF (Merafe)

Negative break. Descending triangle break. Next stop 51 ZAC.

US:EZA (iShares MSCI South Africa ETF)

Negative break. First small indication that the trend might be slowing. Still trending up well though.

COMM:PO (Palm Oil Futures)

Negative break. Perhaps the 200MA can provide support. Otherwise looking like the end of the uptrend.