Breakouts: 14 July 2023

Some recent breakouts on JSE and US markets

Breakouts: 14 July 2023

INDEX:DXY (Dollar Index)

Negative break of the descending triangle. Back into the sideways channel 94.5 to 101.


Positive break. Higher high. Ascending triangle break. Golden cross. Going to 1784.

JSE:PPH (Pepkor)

Positive break. Cup and handle break. Setting up for a move upward however still in a descending triangle.

US:AOK (iShares Core Conservative Allocation ETF)

Positive break. Ascending triangle. Starting to trend up.

US:NOBL (Proshares SP500 Dividend)

Positive break. Ascending triangle. Restarting the up trend.

US:NFLX (Netflix)

Positive break. Continues trending up. Higher highs and higher lows.

US:MSTR (Microstrategy)

Positive break. Trending up strongly from the stage 1 base.