Breakouts: 14 Feb 2023

SUI (Sun International), RBP (Royal Bafokeng Platinum) and PAN (Pan African Resources).

Breakouts: 14 Feb 2023

JSE:SUI (Sun International)

Negative break below an area of prior resistance. Price looks set to test the 3000 level. Long term overall trend is steadily up.

JSE:RBP (Royal Bafokeng Platinum)

Positive break. In a sideways channel but the higher high indicates a move to the top of the channel at 18200 is probable. There is a solid level at 16170 price to watch should price go lower.

JSE:PAN (Pan African Resources)

Negative break. Lower low. Big descending triangle. Heading to 300. Reversed on the prior call in member breakouts 27 Jan 2023.