Breakouts: 12 July 2023

A look at some breakouts on the JSE and US markets

Breakouts: 12 July 2023

JSE:SYG4IR (Sygnia 4th IR ETF)

Positive break. Series of higher highs and lows. Trending up.

JSE:HLM (Hulamin)

Trending up. Channel of higher highs and higher lows. Looks a good opportunity to enter. Must respect the trendline at 260 - 270.

US:ADBE (Adobe)

Positive break. Trending up.

US:VMW (Vmware)

Positive break. Trending up. Higher highs and higher lows.

US:SNAP (Snap Inc)

Positive break. Break above the channel. Not pictured but there is a golden cross.

US:DELL (Dell)

Positive break. Next stop $60.70.