Breakouts: 11 August 2023

A few recent breakouts on the JSE and US markets

Breakouts: 11 August 2023

JSE:CLS (Clicks)

Positive break. Small inverse head and shoulders pattern.

JSE:ETFGRE (1nvest Global REIT ETF)

Positive break. Ascending triangle. Trending up.

JSE:SBK (Standard Bank)

Positive break. Ascending triangle.

JSE:SNV (Santova)

Negative break. Lower low. Up trend still in effect but this is a warning sign. A break below 920 is bad news.

US:AKAM (Akamai)

Positive break. Trending up.

US:AVGO (Broadcom)

Negative break. Bit of a topping pattern and initial warning of downward movement. Keep an eye on lower levels.