Breakouts: 08 June 2021

A look at some recent breakouts on the markets...

Breakouts: 08 June 2021

JSE:MNP (Mondi)

Negative break. Lower high and lower low - for a top. Well the ascending trendline give support?


Negative breakout. A lower high and lower low. You could look at R3.00 as a potencial support or a break being an even worse lower low. Not much support under that.

FOREX:NZDZAR (NewZealand Dollar vs Rand)

Negative breakout. Just broke below R9.70 and then popped back up. Trend still clearly down.

JSE:JBL (Jubilee)

Positive break. Targetting greater than R4.17 for a higher high and continuation upward.

JSE:SUR (Spur)

Negative break. Lower low - for an inverse cup and handle. Projecting to R16. The 50MA (Moving average) is starting to point down.

JSE:BWN (Balwin)

Negative break. Descending triangle break down targeting R3.70.