Breakouts: 05 January 2021

A few breakouts from the 4 January moves...

Breakouts: 05 January 2021

KIO (Kumba Iron Ore)

Breakout of a small consolidation - now looking set to continue with the strong trend up

DRD (Durban Deep)

A break out of the head and shoulders pattern...for now. We need another move above 2156...

GLN (Glencore)

Big move up and if you zoom out a bit more an inverse head and shoulders pattern is printed. If we project that we are looking for a move to 7k+

HAR (Harmony)

After being taken back down to earth, Harmony is gaining momentum again

PAN (Pan African Resources)

Back above 500c...

INDEX:JTOPI (JSE Top 40 Index)

Are we breaking out of this 3 year resistance? A new era for the Top40?

US:SHOP (Shopify)

A move back into the channel, not good. Trend is still upand there is lots of support around. No need to panic just yet...

US:IAU (iShares Gold Trust)

Breakout of the bull flag in line with the gold price. We need that move above 20.

US:CMG (Chipotle)

Back into the channel...

US:KL (Kirkland Lake Gold)

A break out of this area of interest with small higher highs and lows. Along with some support - might be a chance to buy provided the gold price can strengthen.