Breakouts: 04 December 2020

A look at a platinum, dollar index, ETFS, US and JSE stocks

Breakouts: 04 December 2020

PL (Platinum)

Ascending triangle breakout

DXY (Dollar Index)

Well and truly trending down...

US:ITOT (iShares Core SP Total ETF)

Trending up

US:IAU  (iShares Gold Trust)

Small descending triangle, still in a bigger up trend,

JSE:S32 (South 32)

Ascending triangle / Cup and handle maybe starting to trend up

US:ESTC (Elastic)

Ascending triangle break up

JSE:TCP (Transaction Capital)

Ascending triangle and golden cross. Doing well.

US:ZS (Zscaler)

Up trend. Big move to the upside.