JSE Speculation Trading Strategy Game

December Trading game, I buy R2000 worth of a few stocks that have decent charts and I see if I can make some money over the month.

I've been looking to make a few moves based on previous charts. There are 6 stocks I wanted to buy and I managed to pick up 4 of them.

I am going to do some speculative trades based purely on technical analysis and see you it goes. Initially I wanted to cash out on the 8th January - but I've extended the game since my strategy is mid to long term trend following.

8 December 2020: Stocks I bought

On 8 December 2020 I bought the following stocks, the price includes fees:

  • EOH (EOH) at 853 c
  • OMN (Omnia) at 4163 c
  • MTN (MTN) at 7188 c
  • PPE (Purple) at 96.5 c

On 9 December 2020, I bought:

  • TCP (Transaction capital) at 2427 c

Stocks I have not bought yet, but want

  • GND (Grindrod)

Now we'll wait and see how these stocks perform over the month...

Update 16 December 2020:

Screenshot Courtesy of trademate.co.za

As you can see Transaction capital (JSE:TCP) is pretty much flat. Whereas Purple (JSE:PPE) and MTN (JSE:MTN) pulled back. Omnia (JSE:OMN) and EOH (JSE:EOH) has done well.

Total is currently down R-69,49

Down 0.69%

Update 04 January 2021:

Screenshot courtesy of trademate.co.za

After holding for around 30 days the total is down R-242.73

Down 2.42%

Quick Look at the charts

JSE:TCP still looking good trending up
JSE:MTN Break below the ascending triangle - hope for a quick move back into the upward slope
JSE:OMN symmetrical triangle forming, need a break back to 5000
JSE:PPE pullback - probably a better entry now as it is on the channel support
JSE:EOH Massive cup and handle pattern - still looking OK

Omnia and MTN have got me worried

Update 07 February 2021:

On 21 January 2021 I bought PPC. About R3340 worth.

07 February 2021 Status

In the black R70.6

Stocks I have not bought yet, but want

  • GND (Grindrod)
  • KAP (Kap Industries)

Now we'll wait and see how these stocks perform over the month...

Update 10 February 2021:

I added Tsogo Sun gaming to the portfolio. At 636c inlcuding fees. Chart looks really good.

Update 12 February 2021:

I added Telkom to the portfolio at 4225c including fees.

Current status: As at 13:15 - 12 February 2021

Currently up R398.62 with an exposure of R19819.20

Update 25 February 2021:

I added Exxaro to the portfolio but with an exposure of R5000

Now I have been holding some stocks for 81 days now

A rough week has switched the portfolio into the red: R-606.02 with an entry exposure of R24856.58

Update 17 March 2021:

Taken at 10:30am:

A big swing into profit with MTN, Omnia and Purple Group.

Current profit of R1354 with an entry exposure of: R24856.58

Up 5.44%

Update: 31 March 2021

Stocks I Bough

I bought Shoprite (JSE:SHP) and Mr.Price (JSE.MRP) yesterday.

Shoprite had exposure of R9500.

Mr.Price had exposure of R3935.

Currently the profit is R1873 from an entry exposure of R38291

Up 4.89%

Update: 7 April 2021

Currently the profit is R3710 from an entry exposure of R38291

Up 9.69%

Update: 17 April 2021

Exarro swung back into the positive. Gains extended in other shares. Shoprite dipped.

Currently the profit is R4702 from an entry exposure of R38291

Up 12.28%

Update: 30 April 2021

I decided to buy Reunert (JSE:RLO) for R3700 exposure at R48.45

Currently the profit is R3068.55 from an entry exposure of R41991

Up 7.31%

Some stocks turned negative.


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